Top 13 Alternative Apps like Snapchat For Adults & Kids!

instagram face fillter

We love making ourselves look funny and quirky and to make faces at the mirror. Maybe it is our this fondness which has caused many apps like Snapchat to come out in the market to keep us entertained for as long as you want, whenever you want. Snapchat allows you to take quirky and weirdly funny pictures and edit them heavily with cute stickers or filters. It even allows you to share these gems with your dear ones so that they can see how ridiculous you look and laugh at you as well.

Even though Snapchat is the first app that comes to our mind when we think about photo editing and private sharing of messages, it does have a lot of competitors out there for various reasons. It does give more privacy and security than your ordinary social media but it is still lacking in some aspects. If you feel that too and wish to try out some cool new apps like Snapchat, then worry no more. Here is a list of some of the top Snapchat alternatives where you can have just as much if not more fun as you would get when you use Snapchat.

Top 13 Alternative Apps like Snapchat:

1. Instagram

Install: Android | iOS

Instagram is a quite familiar app for everyone as it is a very popular platform which is now owned by Facebook but did you know that it has over 1 billions users worldwide. You can post photos with some filters with your followers or in public mode. You can manage the filters, use gestures, add stories and do a lot more with the Instagram app. In short, Facebook ripped off SnapChat which devalued the SnapChat.

instagram face fillter

Some of the filters of Instagram are Juno, X-pro, Slumber, Cream, Ludwig, Amaro. Gingham, Lark, Inkwell, Mayfair etc and there are many more. You can share photos and videos in your feed using this app and also change the cover thumbnail. The app also has an instant messaging facility and you can follow and message people whom you wish to follow. Instagram also allows people to set their account as public or private. There are a lot more features to this app like Instagram stories all of which are the reasons that this is one of the best apps like Snapchat.

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2. Masquerade

Install: Android | iOS

Masquerade, also known as MSQRD, is yet another app like Snapchat which allows you to transform the way you look through amazing masks and effects. You can use this app to turn into a panda, a zombie or even do a face swap with your friends which definitely sounds like fun. You can also use this app to save and share photos and videos. Also, broadcast yourself as live to your friends and family while wearing your favorite masks.

Masquerade App

MSQRD is quite similar to the Snapchat app with ist imaging technology and fun filters. There are also a number of pictures available to keep you engaged for a while and make photo editing more fun. The app was acquired by Facebook but is still available in the Play Store and Apple app store though its main purpose now is to improve the Instagram stories feature. The app also allows you to record videos directly while applying interesting animations. It also allows face changing and direct broadcast to Facebook.

3. Like

Install: Android | iOS

Like is a snapchat alternative which allows you to make videos and share them with a solid community distributed around the world. It has over 300 unique special effects and many other features which will allow you to make fun videos and join one of the largest communities of the world comprised of social influencers and other cool people. Its music magic filter shows various effects based on the change of tone, intonation and volume. Using this filter, you can mix music and effects together seamlessly for making dynamic music comedy very easily.

Like App

It has millions of dialogue materials from around the world which will turn you into a hero of your favorite movie and allow you to share your acting skills with the world. Its great 4D magic effect will help you realize many different effects such as rocket, pass through, Lilliput and more. You can also smoothly switch between more than twenty different types of appearing and disappearing effects. Cute face stickers for every need, 50 effects, boom effect which will help you make Hollywood like war movies and many other great features make this app worth trying out.

4. Boo!

Install: Android | iOS

Boo! is a messenger which facilitates fast and reliable video calls, text chat, photo, GIF and variety of 3D animated stickers. You can use this app if you requires more than text to express yourself since it allows you to dominate your conversations with texts, photos, videos, GIFs and Bigmoji in your chats. It has got a lot of AR propelled geo and face filters which allows you to express the best version of yourself. It is completely safe and private and you have control over your friends’ list.

Boo App

Snap your selfies or take a video and broadcast it live to your friends by integrating it with other apps for extended fun. You can also draw doodles and add captions right on your photos and videos just like in Snapchat. If you want access to some limited filters provided by the app, participate in the daily challenges and you will get them. The app is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.

5. Wickr Me

Install: Android | iOS

Wickr Me lets you connect with your friends instantly in one on one or group chats and is equipped with fully encrypted video calling and voice memos. With this app, you have full control over who sees your content and for how long it will remain accessible. The shredder function irreversibly gets rid of all the erased images, messages and videos and the app also does not have ads. Just like Snapchat, this app also has photo filters, graffiti and stickers which you can use to make your pictures better and funnier. But they are not as entertaining as that of Snapchat.

Wickr Me

No phone number or email address is required to sign up for Wicker Me and your address book remains private and is not stored in their servers. You can communicate in private groups of up to ten members. Every message is encrypted with a new key using their advanced end to end encryption and metadata associated with any communication is not stored. They also provide a configurable expiration timer with which you can set the time on all your messaging content. Thus, Wickr is a trusted app with open source code if you ever want to have some private fun with your people.

6.  Snow

Install: Android | iOS

Snow is a camera app with over 200 million users in the world and works on the iOS platform seamlessly. It has got custom beauty effects with which you can create the best looking version of you in the photos. It also has AR markup feature which lets you take crisp and clear selfies perfect for making your display pictures. The app also has thousands of stickers with updates every day.


The app also is regularly updated with seasonal filters which are unique for the time and the occasion to add special touches to your daily old photos. The photos can be edited to look very professional with just a few clicks. You can also do basic edits to videos like trim, rotation, speed etc in the album. The stickers use hand and body recognition to transform you into whatever you wish to. Some of the makeup features are lip and eye color and eyebrow tweaking.

7. YouCam Fun

Install: Android | iOS

YouCam Fun is a next-level clone of Snapchat which allows you to snap live with funny photo and video filters. You can create fun selfie videos and photos in a few seconds. The app has over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store and has quite a good rating as well. It has got real-time filters, animated stickers, motion stickers and picture effects which allows you to take the silliest photos.

YouCam Fun app

YouCam Fun has got AR filters allowing you to transform yourself into a princess with or Cinderella and they get even crazier with smashed-in-the face birthday cakes which is also another cool AR filter. Photo effects include new hairstyles, animal faces, costumes, stickers, and way more. You can tweak effects including those for frames, background, lighting, scratch and grunge and you can manipulate any of these to create any look you want. You can also share these masterpieces with your pals and family and compare them using the app.

8. B612

Install: Android | iOS

B612 is an extremely popular app like Snapchat with over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store and lets you take exceptional selfie videos with beauty effects and sublime filters. You can do a lot of fun stuff with this app like take fun boomerang videos which play on loop, use editing tools to make your photos look better, create collages etc. It has over 1500 diverse facial recognition stickers which can distort your face or turn into a cute stuffie. Shiny effects and analog filters will make your days brighter.

B612 App

It also has various drawing effects which allowing you to draw as you take a video and real-time beauty effects to achieve that perfect skin with a single tap. You can also find the ideal shape for your face with a slider. Pair your videos with fun and high-quality tunes with diverse effects and different playback speeds to make cool dynamic videos. It also provides quick access to your favorite filters and has got the perfect filters for food, landscapes, selfies and many more.

9. Camera360

Install: Android | iOS

Camera360 is a free photo editor, beauty camera and global community of photography with over 800 million users around the world. The app contains professional editing tools and many themed stickers and motion stickers, art filters, poster templates, and video effects. Its 3D stickers are creative and add tons of fun to your photographs. The app has over 100 classic photo filters other effects and magic skin/sky/color, mirror, double exposure, film, HDR, storm, starry etc. The filters are very customizable and also have cartoon effects.

Camera360 app

Camera360 also has a lot of fun challenges that encourage you to try out some of the more advanced and funny features together with the community. Their real-time makeup and beauty camera will help you whiten tooth, make your eyes bigger, or to make your lips plumper and brings out the best in you in photos. You can also combine their crazy filtered selfies with editing effects to create weird and funny looks. If you love the look of Korean animation, then this is the app that you should go nuts on.

10. Snapseed

Install: Android | iOS

Snapseed is another app like Snapchat which has got tons of features for all your needs and occasions. It is a complete and professional photo editor developed by our trusty Google. It has got 29 tools and filters including healing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective and a whole lot more. You can also save your personal looks and apply them later to new photos and all styles can be tweaked with fine and precise control. The raw develop feature allows you to open and tweak RAW DNG files and save them non-destructively or export them as JPG.

Snapseed app

You can also tune your photos by adjusting their exposure and color manually or automatically and do other stuff like rotate, bring out the details, white balance etc. It has got this cool feature called ‘Control Paint’ technology which allows you to position up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements to these points and the algorithm does all the rest magically. The healing feature allows you to remove uninvited neighbor from the photos and you can also expand your photo by filling up new spaces in smart ways with the contents of your image. It has also got a lot of other features and I insist that you check this one out.

11. Imgur

Install: Android | iOS

Imgur is one of the top snapchat alternatives take funny pictures and make GIFs and memes and also to browse for viral memes and internet’s most entertaining stuff. The best part of the app is the glorious memes it has got like funny memes, vintage memes, trending memes and then just the really weird kind too. It has got memes for all the occasions and your phone will get a whole lot funnier if you get this app installed. It has over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store and is one of the best apps similar to Snapchat. It also allows you to click photos and upload them instantly.

Imgur app

The app also has different categories or tags like pictures, memes, comics and more which you can browse through just like any social media. Imgur also allows you to create GIFs with sound which is just like a video. This app runs on most of the platforms like Android, iOS and Windows and even on desktops and tablets. Imgur filters can be used in categories or you can use the filters of other apps in this app.

12. FaceU (LemoCam)

Install: Android | iOS

FaceU is a popular face filter app with over 10 million downloads. FaceU used to be known as LemoCam and is a cool selfie sharing tool which serves 300 million users all over the world and is especially popular in Japan and South Korea. Special effects you can try using this app include rain control, magic control and a lot of film style filters which allow you to take fresh selfies every time. It also has powerful retouching function for your skin and styling which allows you to get rid of pimples and marks with a simple click. You can even change the shape of your face with the app.

LemoCam app

The app also has over a thousand special sticker effects, chic outfits and accessories, 3D effects, movie style and fireworks. You can also twist facial expressions and change the color of your hair and do a way lot more all with just a single application. You will also be able to create your won GIF emoji packages with the help of the accelerating play mode and other features. The FaceU library also provides you with a massive library of music for you to set as the background and has over 100 music stickers that will perfectly suit the music.

13. Dust

Install: Android | iOS

Dust is alternative to snapchat, which used to go by the name ‘Cyber Dust’, which is truly secure and is very similar to Snapchat in its working. The messages sent from your device to another device will disappear completely once it is read without leaving any trace of its existence. It combines the ease of a text with the safety of a private phone call and every message is heavily encrypted and is not stored in their server. You can use Dust to text and share photos with family and friends.

Dust app

You can also organize a group event with the app in a very private setting, like a bachelorette party, which requires high confidentiality. Dust takes security even further by not displaying your names in private chat rooms. So even if someone takes screenshots of your conversation, no one can actually understand that it is you. It will also detect and notify you in case someone takes screenshots of your chats and messages.


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