10 Best Slither.io Mods You Can’t Play Without


Slither.io was MMO browser sensation which was widely played when it first came out and still is being actively used by a lot of people. It sure is a cure for boredom when you want to have a bit of fun with not a lot of effort. The game is played completely in the browser and allows the players to jump in and out of the matches like a breeze.

Since it was such a sensation, a lot of mods and hacks have been released to improve the gameplay experience even more. These mods tweak the game and make it so much better and fun. The best of the mods were authorized and released by the developers themselves and are often released under the Slither.io mods packs made available as browser extensions, mainly for Google Chrome. So here we are listing some of the best Slither.io mods to date that can surely help you have a lot more fun with it while sometimes giving you an edge over the other players.

10 Best Slither.io Mods:

1. IO MODS (Agariomods)

IO MODS which was formerly known as Agariomods is one of the best mods sites for Slither.io and caters to add more background music and SFX to the game and even adds custom backgrounds and party mode just like in the game Agar.io and does much more cool stuff. They feature a variety of mods that can cater to all your needs and purposes like the skins mod which allows you to use Agariomods and connect skins in Slither and replaces your snake’s head with the selected skin and removes eyes for better skin visibility. You can also get a mod for zooming in and out with the scroll wheel to get a better view of the surroundings.

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Some of the other mods available are the party system which recreates the Agario parties where you generate a party token which can be used to join the server you are playing on. The custom background mod allows you to enter a URL of an image to be used as the game’s background and is the last option in the theme setting. The background music mod allows you to load a piece of background music to play when you launch Slither.io and there are plenty of tracks in the shuffled playlist. The sound effects play when you eat things and there are separate sound effects for eating pellets, cells, viruses as well as for spawning and dying.

2. Slither.io Mod

Slither.io Mod is a script which modifies the Slither.io client that rarely needs updating and doesn’t contain any cheats. This script was originally the Tampermonkey script but an extension was created for the ease of access and you can even choose to take an unfair path and modify the game with some hacks or advantages if you are up to some cheating so that you can easily win at the cost of other players. This mod lets you zoom out so that you can see the other players before they see you which will give you an added advantage.

This mod has all the same features as IO MODS except that it does not add any sound effects like BGM or SFX to the game but has an even better feature which the extreme zoom option which lets you zoom extremely far back to allow you to see the entire map which will help you avoid big worms. You can also use this mod to play with friends, change skins, add custom skins and play with bots just until you are pas that learning curve. You can also chat online within the game, join your friend’s IP, keep track of the FPS with FPS counter and do a whole lot more with this particular script.

3. Skin Changer

Skin Changer is a great skin changing mod to improve your appearances in the game and keeps it changing all the time. This mod will help you change the skin of your snake or worm automatically while you are playing the game and does not include any additional features other than the zoom hack. You can choose any of the skins that you want before the game commences but this is not mandatory as the mod will change your snake’s skin whenever you start the game until you die.

It means that the mod will automatically swap skins to a different one when somebody kills you in the game. This doesn’t exactly give you any sort of advantage in the game but it definitely makes the game more fun and colorful. You do not have to do anything to let the mod change your worm’s skin as it will be activated by default and there is no chance to turn it off. In the event you do not want any hacks that can affect your gameplay, then this mod is a very good option for you to use.

4. Low Performance

Low Performance mod is for the low-end systems where the game does have a tendency to lag even though Slither.io is not a performance intensive game of any sort. This mod alleviates this problem and comes packed with a lot of features that makes the game run extremely smoothly on low-performance devices by making a lot of adjustments. It cuts off the glow usually emitted y their avatar and eases the framing rates etc to achieve this optimum performance.

The mod is very easy to install and comes as an add-on for Mozilla and Chrome browsers. You can install the script for the mod directly from the link without any complications. There is also an option to change to a plain dark background which also bumps up the performance and the mod also comes bundled with a graphics mode selector which allows you to play around with the game’s visuals in order to find the optimum state for your device. Thus, this mod allows Slither.io to run on a huge range of devices allowing more and more players to play the game.

5. FPS Counter

FPS Counter is indeed an important mod for Slither.io and you will soon see why because it improves the smoothness of the game by folds. When you are slithering around the screen gobbling up food, you don’t need lags or pauses that will affect the smooth flow of your snake’s movement and you don’t want the game to choppy which will make you run into someone and die. Especially, if you have some other Slither.io mods installed while playing, it will also cause fps drops which means that you will need a tool to keep track of your FPS rates in case it starts to stutter.

The FPS Counter mod does just that and lets you keep track of the frames of the game. FPS Counter requires Grease, Tamper or Violentmonkey to run and it can be installed directly as a script. This script does not replace the original script and does not require you to block the original Slither.io script as it is a very unobtrusive overlay to the original one. It can be downloaded as an add-on for Mozilla and Chrome browsers.

6. Clientside Trail

Clientside Trail mod allows for a clientside trail of food meaning that other players cannot see it and will provide you with a huge advantage. This mod almost completely wipes out all the traces of your food from the map by hiding the food your snake is shelling out. This food will only be visible to you and the less food the enemies see on the screen, the lesser the chance of them chasing it.

But the thing is, even though they can’t see the food on the map, they will be able to ingest it if they pass over it and can thus grow bigger in size. Again, this mod is also installed as a script and is available as an add-on for your browsers. Even so, this mod is very good for covering up tracks when you try to make your escape from other persistent players who is insistent on following and killing your snake.

7. Auto Respawn

Auto Respawn is yet again another mod with an obvious name and does just what the name says. It is very frustrating when you get killed in Slither.io especially after spending a lot of time on it and growing to great sizes. Every time you lose the game, you will be prompted to go back to the main screen where you can restart the game and play another round or so. But with this mod, you can bypass all these steps of going to the menu and server selection and jump right back into action.

Auto Respawn mod ensures that you will respawn automatically when you die so you can keep playing without a lot of distractions. This mod is also very easy to install as you can download it directly as a script and add it to your Chrome browser as an add-on or extension. The features of this mod in addition to the one said above are it has a server selector, supports unlimited zoom, supports skin rotation, no skin as well as no background. It can also remember name and settings and warn on tab close and reload.

8. Sidebar

The Sidebar is a mod made by Turtle Clan which will add a sidebar with over thirty custom options to improve and extend your Slither.io gameplay experience. You can play the game as a Nyan cat, Pacman, Donald Trump and many more. This sidebar also helps you to keep track of a lot of useful parameters like stats for your length, rank, the total number of snakes in the game, fireflies eaten, amount of food eaten and even shows the total number of snakes in the field at the moment.

You can press X to hide and show the sidebar and this comes along with a lot of features which shows your server IP, Part Code, position, location, survival time etc in addition to the ones said above. It also allows you to zoom, disable the background and also supports auto respawn. On top of all these features, you can even control some of the SFX in the game, be it when you die, eat food, spawn and much more. All of these features are wrapped together with an incredibly simple layout which will definitely enhance the gameplay experience.

9. Christmas Mod

Christmas Mod has a rather obvious name and as it suggests, brings on a Christmassy feel to the game whenever you play it, no matter if it is Christmas time or not. This mod adds a range of cosmetics for your snakes like the Christmas Elf, Christmas Hat, Snowflake, Gift Box, and even Reindeer with Santa Clause. You will also be able to see some Christmas specific backgrounds which will be installed along with this mod. This skin was also optimized to decrease the lag problem when you play the game with the mod.

You can use slithere.com mod 7.2 more efficiently than other modes that mean the skins will now load more quickly and play more smoothly. In addition, you will be able to reach the 1st point immediately while your opponents are struggling with the lag. In brief, this mode will give you a great advantage over other players. When you use this skin for your snake, the other players will also be able to play with your skins. So, if you are looking for a mod to just improvise the look and feel of your game without affecting the gameplay, then you should definitely give this mod a go.

10. Fake Food

Fake Food is a very useful mod to have around and it is actually a lot like cheating since you will continue to plow around the field dropping fake food as it slithers around the map. Obviously, the snake needs food to grow, so it gobbles up all the food in their sight. So, when you use this mod for your game, you will leave a trail of fake food which looks like the real deal but when the other players try to eat those up, they won’t be able to.

These fake food cannot be eaten and remain in the trail and the other players will keep trying to eat them up but with no use and it will certainly take them a while to realize that. You can use this time to actually gobble up the real food so that your snake can grow to humongous sizes and slowly wrap your body around the confused players and go in for the kill. This food hack is pretty on point and is one of the best Slither.io mods that you will find is a lot of fun.


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